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For mid sized companies, we replace your telecom sales team with engineers that can sell. And for small firms we can act as your CIO helping to steer you through a complex redesign process.

Our services are wholly funded through our brokerage commission revenues, making our offering 100% value add with no out of pocket cost to you.  But with a very distinct advantage … Ringside is capable of taking a true carrier engineering approach to telecom inefficiencies.


SD-WAN is now the best way to control your data, and without control, the user experience is simply random...sometimes it's good, sometimes it's not. The idea is to first separate your data into three queues based on how network anomalies affect it. These are defined as:

1)  Real time Queue    (IE: Voice phone calls, Video conferences, Web meetings)

2)  Near-real time Queue   (IE: CRMs, Data base access, Business Critical Apps)

3)  Non-real time Queue   (IE: email, web surfing, file transfers)

The next step is to monitor each circuit for these network anomalies:

1)  Packet Loss     (This is when your data literally disappears, it gets dropped) 

2)  Throughput      (This is the quantity of data your network can carry at any point in time)

3)  Latency     (This is how long it takes your data to move)

4)  Jitter     (And this is the fluctuation of Latency)

The 3rd step is to police the traffic by prioritizing the three groups of data with Real Time traffic being first to always move, and Non-real time being last to always move. Then, choosing the best path for each data type.

The problem is, not all SD-WAN is the same. In fact, there are huge differences in how each platform works, although every marketing expert will have you believe theirs is the absolute best. So you need to understand these differences and how to best deploy each type.

The following video will help explain SD-WAN


We are 100% engineering driven, and this starts with the elimination of the ‘sales-quota’ influence on cost, performance, and dependability. We purposely signed agreements with three of the largest master agencies in the country so that we would not have a sales 'quota' to meet with any single provider.  This affords us direct access to over 400+ cloud, voice, data, security, and Application service providers.  It also means we are independent, never being forced to push a product or design because of sales obligations.


AT&T, CenturyLink, Verizon, and 400+
Service Providers

Legal Support

We take advantage of the full buying power of the master agencies, because each master contract with a carrier can represent millions of dollars. This multiplies our influence to get the lowest costs vs negotiating as an individual business. In addition we have the full strength of the Master Contracts legally in our corner, meaning we are able to pull in legal resources and attorneys if a phone company ever tries to take advantage of a client...again, as opposed to a single client fighting a carrier on it's own.


We will manage the service we sell. Since the service providers we integrate all know our engineering strategies and capabilities, we get support from higher tier representatives. We set the bar high before we start the integration, setting clear expectations,  which leaves us better enabled as service is activated.

You will never find yourself in a position of fighting with any phone company or service provider alone. We fight on your behalf to correct all billing , networking, and performance issues or outages.  We'll step into the ring on your behalf, as your company's point of contact, protecting your interests.

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