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What we do and why it matters

Being able to analyze and engineer your telecom at a deeper level allows us to deliver you superior performance and dependability at a lower cost.

Telecom Sales teams tend to focus their talking points on leading edge 'off-the-shelf ' services, rather than on the core networks that carry these services.

We on the other hand design specifically at the core level so your services work properly to begin with...that's where the focus belongs.  It's the phone company's own underlying-infrastructure that causes most of your problems.
Performance is found below the surface

Our Vision and Mission

Our mission is to minimize the time and frustration that our clients spend on their telecom. We replace their telecom sales teams with engineers whose capabilities are best suited to design the best balance of Cost, Dependability, Performance, Security and Support .

Our Goal

We help small and mid sized clients to find their best telecom path to success. For small clients, this means playing the role of your CIO, addressing all of your telecom pain points and representing your best interest, ensuring you are never taken advantage of by any vendor. This also means rethinking how all of your business critical applications are built, integrated, and function, and how your network assets are utilized. By mapping out your network and data flow, we separate the transport, the intelligence, and the management into silos. We look for ways to save you money on everything from web hosting and email, to phones and web conferences, to data storage and circuit costs so that your monthly budget can be best allocated where it is most needed...to run your business.

Whatever your telecom need, concern, or pain, we are in the unique position to help you survive and thrive. At Ringside Partners we strive to become a valued member of your team that you can always count on to be…’in your corner’.

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Insight shared by less than 1% of the industry makes all the difference

We spent years in laboratories designing, assembling, testing, and tuning various equipment used in Department of Defense telecom platforms such as:

  • The U.S. Air Force Defense Network
  • the U.S. Patriot Missile system
  • and deploy-able satellite terminals for the U.S. Military Special Forces.

We also supported advanced commercial telecom projects such as:
  • the installation of the first ever telephones in the mountains of Tibet
  • a private satellite network in Russia for L.U.K. Oil Company
  • and co-founded Iron-Link Communications, a telecommunications gateway to South America.

While working directly for the phone companies we joined their engineering teams to design and expand their core networks, their marketing teams to define the services that they sell,  their operations team to develop SOP (Standard operational procedures), and their sales teams to design private networks for the client base.

Ringside Partners was created with the vision of placing all this experience on your side of the conference table, which affords us the unique intellect and capacity to both represent your interests, and to address the phone company's technical and operational deficiencies. 

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Our services are 100% value add...there are no out of pocket costs to you.

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